~ Procrastination Cure ~

Ah! A new day filled with stuff to do! Don’t you just love the feeling of having a clean slate on which to write?

That is unless the slate isn’t clean. Are there things on my slate leftover from yesterday that didn’t get done? Usually if there are “leftovers,” it is because I procrastinated.

Have you found that if there is something you don’t particularly like to do you will subconsciously find a million other things that “have” to be done right now in order to avoid delving into that which you are mentally avoiding? I sure do!

I would much rather scrub toilets than invoice orders for my company. It is the tedium of it that bogs me down. Scrubbing toilets allows for autopilot. Invoicing requires an engaged mind.

Here is my secret to curing procrastination. Incidentally, I have this posted in my work area to remind me of the value of just doing the hard stuff first.

You Can Do It

You may not feel like making the effort. But you can do it.

There may be plenty of excuses, plenty of reasons for not taking the time. But you can do it.

It may be uncomfortable, inconvenient and perhaps even a little painful. But you can do You know it needs to be done, and you know that you can do it. You know that once you have it done, you’ll be thankful that you took the time.

So go ahead now, get up, step forward, and get moving. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will have it done.

You can do it, and you know you can. So go ahead and make it happen.

            ~ Ralph Marston ~ 

I really, really like the “so go ahead now” part. That inspires me to just do it, and it reminds me that I will wonder at the conclusion of the task why it is that I dreaded doing it so much.

It really wasn’t so bad!

Now if you will excuse me, I have some things waiting to be tackled. I’ll feel much better in about an hour!

Let’s keep on.



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