~ Anarchy: Like it’s a bad thing ~

Okay, I am quite calm and well rested now. Here’s what I found about anarchy.

The second definition in the www.dictionary.com reads:

Social disorder due to the absence of governmental control

In terms of homeschooling then, teaching my children at home is social disorder resulting from no governmental control. Like that’s a bad thing?

Educational Anarchy = Homeschooling. Ummhmmm. It is a disorder of the best variety! There is nothing better that can happen to our children but that the government has little control over their developing idelogies and world views.

The foundational affront here is California folks telling us that we have no right to educate our own children.

The government does not have a right to wrest children from their parents and deposit them into a herd mentality system, or any system for that matter.

 May it never be! For maintaining the right to educate my children I would give my life.

What California is saying is that you not only should not be allowed to teach your children what you desire for them to learn, but you are not fit to teach your children.

If paying thousands of dollars and going to a university and taking classes in “educational theory” that explores how children learn is the only way to be suitable for teaching one’s own children, then I believe we have reached an all-time low in our society.

As a former classroom educator, I can vouch not only for the uselessness of my college education in preparing me for dealing with a room full of children in a formal “school,” but also for the fact that said education did nothing to prepare me for being a parent, which is a much more important function in society.

Parents hold the hearts of their children, the very core of their being which needs much more than books to prepare it for adulthood.

Being a parent has taught me all I need to know to educate my children, and I am a lot better teacher now that I have tossed the teaching degree out the window and embraced the tutorial approach to education.

Let me take this out to the edge a bit more by saying that it is each family’s responsibility to educate its children in a manner consistent with its beliefs. If each family in the US educated its own children, how different our society would be for many reasons, none of which I am going to explore here and now. The implications are more far-reaching than my mind can wrap around.

Currently, parents do educate their children according to their belifes; they believe that leaving education to people they do not know and who do not have any vested interest in the hearts of their children is the best option.

They choose peer education over parental education. They do not see how being chopped up as a family for the majorty of their children’s lives can cause any harm to the family unit.

Why not shut down the public schools and force parents to take up their responsibility, be engaged in what information enters their children’s minds, and walk beside their children molding not only the education of the soul but more importantly their children’s hearts? 

Oh, parents certainly *can* teach their own children. Many won’t. Many don’t see the necessity.

What is most profound is that many fail to see the opportunity they are missing by putting children on a school bus each morning or dropping the children off at school in the early morning and retrieving them again in the late afternoon.

“We’ve always done it this way” is the mantra not of excellence but of it’s extreme opposite: cold, sterile status quo.

Education: a weird and unnatural thing in America.

Public school: like it’s the best thing, California?


3 Responses to ~ Anarchy: Like it’s a bad thing ~

  1. Christopher says:

    As with everyone else in the homeschooling community, I get comments and questions about educating children. I am always amazed, and often saddened, by these comments. The overall theme, it seems, is that parents don’t enjoy their children.

    My children and I will occasionally go out to the bus stop to see the children off to public school and to chat with the parents. There is always a certain joy that the adults have, knowing they are ridding themselves of their children for the day. What their children are being taught, how they are being influenced, or how their children’s values are being reshaped is of little interest to them. They just want their children gone. To say this is sad would be a gross understatement.

  2. Very interesting post!

    I also agree with Christopher: We should enjoy being with our kids.


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