~ What did you learn today? ~

It is actually 12:25 a.m. no matter what time this blog says it is, as I haven’t reconciled my blog time with Tennessee time yet. As I am getting ready for bed, I am thinking over the day’s activities: high points, low points, and points in between.

What did I learn today that I want to truly remember and grow from? 

If I ever go through a day without learning something valuable, no matter how small the nugget of wisdom, then I have truly wasted time. Same thing for you, my friend. Learning means we are truly alive!

So here is what I do: I have a notebook on the little table beside my side of the bed. Before becoming engrossed in a book and falling asleep, I take time to look back on the day and write at least one thing I have gleaned from the day’s events. It is surprisingly easy!

If you do this every night, in one year’s time you will have 365 important lessons you have learned, and you actually will have a book in rough draft format!

Here’s my challenge: take some time each day either at the end of your work day if you work outside of the home or before you go to sleep each evening and ponder the question, “What have I learned today?”

It is pretty fun to see the entries adding up over time.

Jot down just a quick sentence or two, nothing major, but enough to provoke your memory into recollection of that happening at some point down the road when you look back at today’s entry.

Nothing big. Just real good stuff that you will be amazed at when you look back on it one year from now. Go ahead and get started! Learn and grow; don’t learn and forget.

What did I learn today? I learned that little girls should always wear shoes when walking through grass containing clover even if they are just walking over to the pool. I also learned that six year olds can shriek pretty loudly when stung.

What I *really* learned was that I need to enforce my rules more stringently and also that experience oftentimes is the best teacher. 

I shall go write this sentence in my notebook and turn out the light.

What did YOU learn today?



2 Responses to ~ What did you learn today? ~

  1. Christopher says:

    Each day I re-learn just how precious these days are with my children. Having a 37 year old son, I know how fast time goes by. Now that I have a 9 year old and a 7 year old, I treasure each phase of their lives with me.

    Each day I learn how to adapt slightly to their increasing maturity. As they change, so must I. Day by day, learning to adjust what I expect from them. It’s almost imperceptible, but over time the changes are great. As they learn how to read, write, and everything else academically, they are learning life through me.

    I’ve learned how very important a parent is in the everyday lives of children, and how I could never send my children off to school. I couldn’t stand the pain of not seeing them all day. The time we have with them is already very limited, and to miss thee precious moments would be a tragedy.

  2. urthemom says:


    You brought tears to my eyes.

    Your vantage point is quite unique, and your wisdom is highly valued here.

    Thank you!


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