~ Reasons for Home Education ~

Hello again!

Last we spoke, we were examining our motives for homeschooling and putting this explanation in writing, posting it somewhere or at least knowing where it was written down so that we can refer to it for inspiration and clarification during those tough times when we may need reminding as to why we are doing this to ourselves. 🙂

Have you done this exercise yet? It is step one to achieving focus.

For example, here is why we homeschool:

Opening the hearts and minds of my children to whatever comes across their paths in 12 years’ time is unthinkable, which is exactly what happens when the teacher roulette wheel is spun in a public or private school setting.

I remember a mom explaining to me that her child’s public school teacher is a Christian, as if that makes it okay to place the very thing one cares most about in this life into the care of a complete stranger.

Disclaimer: I believe that God can use anything, and I do believe that he uses people within the public and private school systems to His glory.

Please understand that I merely believe that as parents, we have a higher calling than giving in to the government school system. But I still will not venture to make laws for anybody else, nor would I say that home education is the best choice in every situation for every family.

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get,” explains Forrest Gump quite humbly. 

Anything other than homeschooling is like a box of chocolates, and who wants to risk what might be gotten?

I want to know what is in my children’s heads. I want to be the former of their manners, the gatekeeper, so to speak, of all that enters the home. I sound like a control freak, don’t I? With my young ‘uns, I *so* am. Like it’s a bad thing?

Moreover, we are called to this exact task as parents. It’s our job. The world calls it “overprotective,” a “Bubble Mentality.” I call it love.

There is a peaceable and excellent alternative to outside education, and I pledge my life to take up my God-given responsibility to instill excellence in my children.

That is why we homeschool.

Your reasons for home education may be totally different, but that is certainly not a problem. I suspect they may be quite similar, however, from the reasons I have heard from moms and dads over the past seven years of asking.


Now, what do you want to accomplish via homeschooling? What are your goals for your children?

“To do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God and man,”

For our family, that sums it up quite nicely. I want my children to love each other despite spending their days in close quarters together.

I want my children to be loving, obedient, cheerful, respectful, and helpful. I want them to strive to do their work with excellence, whether it is cleaning up the kitchen or writing an essay. (They are allowed to have bad days! ;-))

I want to be a family with all that entails and not a chopped up family with a couple of kids going here for the day and a couple going to middle school for the day and the others off to high school for the day. We may even get to have a meal together on the weekends….maybe. [Shudder]

How can this possibly be allowed by parents to be the norm for their families? Yet all over America, this scenario plays out in homes day after day after day after day.

If my children are not home with me or I with them, my efforts are self-defeating. The character items can not be consistently formed in them without oversight from mom and/or dad. Once character is formed, is not easily changed.

However, once good characer is formed, constant supervision becomes unnecessary, and true self-teaching can begin. The character part comes first and can not be ignored! Mastery can now be achieved.

There is so much to be said on this topic of reasons for homeschooling. I hope you will comment here and toss in your thoughts on “Why homeschool?” I will pause here in my diatribe to give you a voice. Don’t be shy! I would love to read your comments.


3 Responses to ~ Reasons for Home Education ~

  1. Miss 376 says:

    Think it is the best way for the children to reach their full potential in learning and becoming caring individuals

  2. deldobuss says:

    To learn to think critically & biblically, and not buy in to everything they are fed. Children will grow up, they are their own entity. They will have to make decisions about faith, morals, and character. We can’t force them to be like us, or shelter them forever. But we can teach them biblical principles and right thinking, and not send them out when they are young and impressionable into a world that not only does not think right, it doesn’t think at all. One of the biggest lessons we have been teaching our oldest child this year is that there are consequences for our actions, and that right thinking leads to right behavior. Boy, is that a lesson that needs to be taught to our society!!

    Great answer about the goals for homeschooling, that is one of my favorite verses in scripture. “To do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God and man,”
    Can I use that answer? LOL

  3. Sharon says:

    To equip the children of our family to do the good works which God has prepared in advance for them to do ~ Ephesians 2:10

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