~ Why I am not happy with the CA Court’s Decision ~

Well the good news is that the California Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that parents do not have to have state credentials to teach their children at home.

The bad news is that some people are idiots, and a number of them are in the legislature in California.

Forgive me for not offering a standing ovation here.

This case should have been thrown out by the Court of Appeals due to pure, simple, outrageous, ludicrous, beyond all imagination, what can they possibly be thinking, who appointed them anyway stupidity on the part of the original court who decided the case.

The simple fact that this case ever had to go this far is beyond what my mind can wrap around.

First of all, how can anyone think that parents who CHOOSE to teach their own children are incapable of doing so?

You know, I could farm out my kids at the state’s expense, all six of the ones who are still at home, all day long, five days a week, and have peace and quiet in my house. I could actually CLEAN my house when the mess makers were not right behind me undoing my work for me. I could listen to MY music, read novels in my FREE TIME, create gourmet meals, get to the leftovers before my kids do, and play Bridge with my friends on Tueday afternoons.

But no, I give all of that up in order to invite comparative chaos into my home. I choose to give up my own desires instead of expecting the government to do my job for me. The price we moms (and also dads) pay to homeschool is, of course, offset by the incomparable bounty we and our children reap. We know that very well. 

Why the heck would I want to homeschool my kids if I wasn’t serious about it?

So what if I didn’t have a degree in education or anything else, for that matter? I happen to have that useless education degree, and you know what I learned in college about teaching children? It is best done one-on-one. “Tutoring is the best way for children to learn,” said one of my education textbooks! How ironic.

Who in their right mind would teach their children at home unless they were committed to it? Unless they were committed to finding a way to make real education happen for their children?

Okay, there may be some weirdo people out there who may keep their kids from view because they are shady or worse, but to say, as was originally the decision handed down – that parents are “not fit” to educate their children if they do not have a sanctioned degree from a state institution – is something that ALL parents should be upset about. Not just homeschooling parents!

Hello! You as a parent are not fit to educate your child. Can you live with that statement any better if you send your kids away to school than if you teach them at home? Where is the outrage in the parental community at large over this?

Many parents may *think* they are not qualified, which is one thing, but to be TOLD they are not fit is another thing entirely.

For example, I would make a terrible lacrosse coach right now because I know zippo about lacrosse. I know I am not qualified at this very moment in time. However, if I wanted to be a lacrosse coach and teach lacrosse, I could do it.  California would say I can’t – before yesterday, that is.

The truth is I could learn what I need to know, study the rules, watch game after game (or match after match, whatever they call them) and learn the basics. Now I am not saying that I would be a good lacrosse player, but I could coach a team by expending effort to learn the sport inside and out.

According to California, because I didn’t attend a university to get a degree in lacrosse, I am not fit to teach the sport to my kids? Isn’t that what was initially decided? If you don’t have a degree, you CAN NOT, ARE NOT CAPABLE, LACK THE SMARTS, WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH to teach your children. So sorry. So sad. You are out of luck. The state of California can do more for your children than you can.

So much for my ability and yours to learn as adults, right? That was just stomped all over by being told we are unfit due to lack of “education.”

So while it is a pleasant thing to know that the CA Court of Appeals made the right deicision, it is still nightmarish at best to think that there ever was a case that needed to be appealed.

You may not choose to educate your children at home, but you darn well are FIT to do it if you truly desire to do it!


3 Responses to ~ Why I am not happy with the CA Court’s Decision ~

  1. hall monitor says:

    This story made http://detentionslip.org! Voted #1 for school house news. Check it out for all the crazy problems in public education.

  2. urthemom says:

    Hey, Hall Monitor! Thank you for stopping by the ol’ Blog. I checked out your site and think it is really great!


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