~ Fall Break on Location ~

Hey, Folks! Has fall come to your town? I love, love, love fall and feel it is underrated. Fall break is almost as glorious as the season itself. We are into our second week of break. (Ummmm…..my kids talked me into a second week of break due to the fact that we all have been sick for about a month, and we are all finally healthy. I succumbed.)

Here are some pics from out recent trip to Old Stone Fort State Park in Manchester, TN. To me the pics are kind of sad because Nick and Lauren are away at school and are not in them, but we had an awfully fun time just hiking and trying not to lose anybody over the edges of the cliffs.

If you haven’t taken a break this fall, I highly suggest one. Or at least pack a picnic lunch and travel to a park somewhere for a day of schooling in God’s beautiful classroom. Taking a break from the routine is invigorating, isn’t it?

Here are some pics for you. Thank you for stopping by!

They aren’t kidding about the cliffs!

Back: Taylor, Frank, Tim

Front: Olivia, AD, Lydia

Very Front: Lilie

Ruins of the ol’ grist mill


Taylor and Frank stand ready to rescue me

Even a treehugger couldn’t hug this ‘un

Don’t look down!

Olivia watched Lilie like a mama hawk

Falls in fall


3 Responses to ~ Fall Break on Location ~

  1. What a great place for an outing. We had a lovely long fall this September in Alaska. It’s been winter all October. Its 10 degrees with 3 inches of new snow today.

  2. hi-d says:

    What great pictures! So sorry that you have all been sick. Look up Mannatech on the web. That Ambrotos stuff has kept our family from getting real sick for the last 5 years!! Now, if one of us gets a bug… not everyone in the family gets it! I LOVE that stuff!!
    Anyway, glad you are all doing better and were able to have a fun excursion!

  3. The Bizzells says:

    PRETTY pictures. Kiddos are growing up so fast! My R will be 5 on Saturday! Email me privately, so we can chat. I don’t know how to get in touch with you.

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