Happy New Year and…

Okay, if you only read one thing on education this year, this would be it.

Education reform requires holding students accountable is the title.

http://www.gjsentinel.com/hp/content/news/opinion/stories/2009/01/02/010409_5B_Neal_Column.html is the link.

I can not believe I found a piece of writing on public schools that I actually agree with wholeheartedly. Obviously, there exists a need for public education, but not for the current crap known as brick and mortar education.

You know I would love to hear your thoughts if you are one of the few who is as moved by this article as I am.

What does this have to do with homeschooling? Accountability is necessary in homeschooling as well. It is expectation coupled with accountability that produces excellence.

…and Happy 2009 to you and your family. May this be a year of growth for us all.


6 Responses to Happy New Year and…

  1. Felicia says:

    Found your site while searching for information about Belmont. We are a home schooling family with a son interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy. Ideally, he would like to pursue his education in a Christian environment. Belmont has what appears to be an excellent program, addressing the changing environment of the profession. With no previous knowledge of Belmont, I’ve read everything I can find online about the school. From a Christian home schooling parent’s perspective, can you share your experience with us? Thank you. Felicia Juntunen

  2. urthemom says:

    Hey Felicia! It is nice to meet you. Thanks for the question.

    Belmont. While I am glad that my son attends Belmont for the educational aspects, l would say Belmont is not a “Christian” university. I was appalled to learn that some of Nick’s professors use hardcore profanity in the classroom. That bothers me. To me that is utterly unprofessional to say the very least. However, Nick says that drinking and drugs are strictly prohibited. That is something, at least.

    I just trust that the strong Christian upbringing my children have will enable them to “make smart choices,” when faced with choices they have not had to make in the past. Part of maturing.

    I *have* been impressed with the caliber of kids Nick has made friends with at Belmont. He has several strong Christian friends with whom he goes to Bible study on Thurs. nights. On the other hand, his roommate his freshman year frequently went off campus to party and came back smelling of banned substances. Nick belongs to a fraternity, but there has never been any drinking or partying of any sort. In fact, I have been amazed at the community-service stuff the frat is engaged in.

    Belmont does offer an excellent education in many disciplines. That is its strength, in my opinion. A well-prepared young adult will have choices to make just about anywhere, for sure.

    Are you looking strictly for schools in TN?

  3. Felicia says:

    Thanks for filling in some blanks for us. We’re open to looking at schools anywhere in the country (we live in northern CA). The PT field is changing its professional dynamic and many schools are no longer even offereing a BS degree. Many are phasing out even their MS and converting to strictly a Doctor of PT program – which throws a whole new spin on the program selection process and financing.

    We have one son at our local state college. Though there have been some bumps, his experience as an international relations major has been satisfactory so far. Our concern for the son interested in PT is the evolution driven agenda of a secular science based education. We’ve talked with several Christian students who have endured the bio and chem classes at secular schools. It’s disheartening, at the very least, to have learn something because it will be on an exam, even though it’s not what you believe to be true. While I pray the day will come when true freedom of thought will exist in education, I’m concerned about helping my student navigate what is certain to be challenging.

    Your comment about some of your son’s profs at Belmont is of concern. I’m assuming their teachers aren’t required to sign a statement of faith. So, it makes me wonder about the nature/emphasis of the instruction in their biological
    Thanks for allowing me to ramble somewhat. Appreciate you thoughts!

  4. urthemom says:

    It *is* disheartening, I agree! Nick looked at Yale, but the Ivy Leagues are even worse than state schools here in TN as far as liberality goes. There was no draw for him there. He is looking ahead to law school at the moment and “enduring” a lot of the hoop jumping at the undergrad level.

    Have you looked at David Lipscomb University? It is a very strong Christian school and is heavy in the engineering/sciences departments. My next-to-graduate son is leaning towards Lipscomb for engineering. It is also in Nashville, and it has an excellent reputation. Very good scholarships available as well. The academics are top notch and the environment is wonderful.

    If there is anything I can possibly do for you, please don’t hesitate to holler. And please let me know if you end up coming out here to TN in your college-shopping ventures.

    I know the Lord will lead you to just the right fit for your son in the changing landscape of PT. You are a wonderful mom, I can tell!


  5. Felicia says:

    Hi Joanne,
    It’s been a few weeks since we initially corresponded about college-shopping. I wanted to give you an update and thank you again for your insight.

    My son has submitted applications to three schools, including Lipscomb.

    We have a whirlwhind trip planned for 2/10-2/13, culminating with a visit to Lipscomb on the 13th. The other two schools are both in PA outside of Pittsburg: Waynesburg and Geneva. So far, Waynesburg has been the most responsive and offers significant scholarship potential. I will be making contact with the admissions counselor from Lipscomb, hopefully tomorrow.

    Thank you again for your encouragement and suggestion to look at Lipscomb. I’ll let you know how things turn out!


  6. urthemom says:

    Hi Felicia! Thank you so much for the update. I will be quite interested to hear what you thought about Lipscomb once you have visited.

    Hey, my husband and I graduated from Geneva College! How funny is that? Unless things have changed, Geneva was very much a strong Christian school. We know the president, Dr. Smith, and I dated his brother. Small world.

    My husband and I have great memories of Geneva!

    I don’t know anything about Waynesburg, but scholarship potential is a great thing. Lipscomb offers great merit scholarships, and my son Taylor, who will graduate next year, will most likely apply there next fall.

    BTW, I don’t know if you have looked at Grove City College, but it is one of my favorites in the Western PA area. Good, good school as well.

    I hope you have a fun trip in a couple of weeks! I love college shopping. Keep me posted!!


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