~ Yeah, Baby! ~

Here is a glimmer of hope for the “system,” and it reiterates what I have been preaching for some time. The word “mastery” is used in the context of government education. I blinked a couple of times while reading just to make sure….

Here is an excerpt:

“But don’t you still think kids need to know how they are doing?”

“Yeah, but can’t it come without a number?  I mean, if we really taught for mastery, students would revise work, continue on projects and develop meaningful portfolios.  They would reflect on the learning process and we’d do the same.”

He begins to laugh.  “Spencer, you’re crazy.  But whatever works for you is great.  I just can’t believe we’re having this conversation in the staff lounge.”  It makes me realize that I really do sound crazy some times when I challenge something as sacred as the letter-based grading system.

Check out the entire (but short) article here:


The comments at the end of the piece are quite interesting as well.

Just a note: I am not against grades, as they can be used to discern the degree of mastery. I think working for a grade versus working for the intrinsic reward of mastery is the problem. It’s a mindset thing.

Happy Saturday to you!


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