~ The Three Magic Words ~

Yes, there are such things as magic words.

When it comes to anything repetitious, especially an activity, we tend to lose perspective, and our children are no less prone to sliding into the wrong mindset about schooling. For you as an adult, often the opportunity to go to work each day, to prepare a meal, to do laundry, or fill in the blank, is seen as an enormous chore and drain on our ever-dwindling energy supply. And our mindset.

Do your children resist school work? Chores? While my kids are not out and out vocally negative about doing their school work, they do tend to get a “just another day” mindset. I am sure I model that attitude to them on occasion as well because I don’t use my own magic words as often as I need to.  Today I am pulling them out and putting them to work!

I am about to share with you the three magic words that have the power to pull you out of your slump, to lighten your load, and to share with your children so that they can approach their day with vim and vigor, (whatever that is), too.

Next time you are asked, “Mom, do I *have* to?” The answer you want to give is “You don’t have to, you GET to.”

“Do I have to do math today?” you are asked.

“No, dear. You don’t have to; you get to.” You have the privilege to. You are blessed because you are able to. It is not a responsibility, it is an opportunity.

Catch the magic in those three words: you get to. They are a mindset-changer every time.

When I am facing a chore that I dislike doing, such as cleaning anything, but let’s use cleaning the kitchen as an example: I say to myself, “Joanne, you don’t have to clean the kitchen. You get to clean the kitchen. You are healthy and strong. There are those who would give anything to be mobile enough to do such a task. Thank you, Lord, that I am healthy and have the mobility to clean my kitchen this morning.”

And it works!

This morning I was up early, and I was thinking about having to go into the dentist at 10 a.m. to find out why I have a toothache in a tooth that had a root canal 90 days ago. If you are my friend on Facebook (and if you are not, it is not too late to friend me), then you unwillingly have been subjected to my love/hate relationship with dentistry.

In any case, I realized this morning that I don’t have to go to the dentist; I get to go to the dentist, and immediately my outlook changed like magic.

Sounds hokie until you try it.

Next time you are tempted to complain, or next time you hear a complaint from one of your dear offspring, share with them your magic words.  See if  “you get to” doesn’t help you/them get through that tough task.

Okay: I get to go to the dentist. I get to go to the dentist. I get to go to the dentist. I get to go to…


7 Responses to ~ The Three Magic Words ~

  1. Very good insight!

    …and I went looking for you on Facebook, but I couldn’t figure out which one was you. Please add me (I have a link off my blog).


    • urthemom says:

      Hey, Luke! I always like when you stop by and stick your head in before you leave. I will look you up on FB here in just a sec. Hope all is well with you guys!


  2. lol! Great perspective. I am certainly going to apply this: thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. urthemom says:

    Thanks so much for stopping in, and I appreciate your feedback very much. 🙂 Come on back anytime!


  4. Melissa says:

    This was my mother’s standard response when we six were young – it sticks with me to this day.

  5. Stacey Brate says:

    I love this! but what do you say when your kids don’t ask: ‘do you have to’, mine say more like:
    ‘AHHH! I am NOT going to do this!! No, ‘I’ don’t want to!!’ Yes, i have 2 strong-willed 😉 (take after me)….

    anyway to rephrase this?

    • urthemom says:

      Hey, Stacey! I just now saw your comment. For some reason I didn’t get a notification back when you posted it. I apologize for that. Hmmm…..in any case, I think it is an excellent question. My answer is a child should never be permitted to say no to his/her parent. Or “I am not going to do this.” Maybe as a two-year old who then proceeds to get a spanking, but certainly not an older child. It is totally disrespectful and unacceptable and indicates an issue that should be dealt with immediately by you and your spouse. The problems will only be magnified as the children get older. DO IT NOW. You are the mom; you deserve respect!

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