~ Musings on the First Day of School ~

To those of us who homeschool, the first day of school is a little easier than it might be if we were outsourcing our children’s education. Yesterday we excitedly approached a new year, but I didn’t have to get everyone up at the first peek of the morning sun, hurry breakfast down their gullets, and then help everyone find matching shoes before the bus rolled up the hill. Thank you, Lord.

No, the first day of homeschool went something like this:

Breakfast was at 9 am, and afterwards, we sat around the table as a family, including dad, and we talked about our scripture verse for the year. (“Little children, keep yourselves from idols.”) I had written a personal message for each student on a 3×5 card, and I passed those out along with new planners, notebooks, and pencils. We prayed over the upcoming year. Awesome beginning.

I had hoped to spend time with each individual student, beginning with the oldest and working down to the youngest, in order to gauge where we would be heading in the first quarter. I didn’t get through anyone past Taylor, LOL. But I have learned that one can plan everything out, but life will get in the way.

Taylor, the resident senior, and I looked over where he needed to be by the end of the year, and then we broke that down into quarters. We reviewed our plans for taking the SAT in early October, and we discussed what colleges he might want to visit/revisit before the end of September.  I left it to Taylor to work out how much work he needed to cover in the first quarter (9 weeks) of the year and get those written down in his planner. He is quite experienced in the realm of self-teaching, and I know he will set the bar high.

Lilie had worked ahead for the first day of school, which just made me smile. I checked her math, checked in with the other three girls on their math, and told Frank that I would catch up with him on Wednesday. (Tuesday, today, was a school holiday. Yeah, yeah, we had a holiday on the second day of school in honor of Frank’s birthday.)

I had only assigned math and one other subject of the student’s choosing for the first day of school. I like to ease into things, personally, and after six weeks off, easing in is the only way to go, IMHO. 😉

I did not get to each child to set short-term goals along with them or to check the goals that the older three had set for themselves. This is our very, very busy season with my home business, so I knew I would not get to everyone, and that was okay. I will sit down on Wednesday and meet with the children I did not meet with.

I only have ten more first days of school. Ten years from now, Lilie will enjoy the first day of her senior year, and it will also be my last first day of homeschool. I will be old; 55 years old, to be exact, but I know it will be a tearful day for me. I get teary-eyed just writing about it, for heaven’s sake. How I will miss the sweet first days of school!

These days are precious. They are numbered. When I have “one of those days” this year, as I undoubtedly will, I shall pull up this post, re-read it, and hopefully catch the vision once again…the vision of the freshness of each day, and the wonderful opportunity that is mine as a homeschool mom.

The first day of school was just that — the first. I should be getting to bed so I can face the second day.  🙂


2 Responses to ~ Musings on the First Day of School ~

  1. Keeley says:

    Doesn’t writing “I have only ten more first days of school” give you a feeling of panic? My youngest is four and already I’m feeling panicked at what little time we have left. =Þ

  2. hi-d says:

    Such a wonderful post… as always Joanne! We start the days off relaxed with our coffee, sitting around the living room, reading worship and then discussing it for various lengths of time! I like not having to rush off to “math” period, etc…! I agree… we are very lucky. 🙂

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