~ Self-Teaching Saves the Day(s)! ~


sick mom

Recently it became my turn to enter the land of fever, dizziness, aches, and general malaise commonly known as the flu. I spent one entire day in bed, and I was able to sleep peacefully due to the fact that life continued on in my absence. While my husband was at work and I was miserable, the kids knew what needed to be done chore-wise and school-wise.  Throughout that particular day, I would hear little knocks on my bedroom door, and one of the girls would come in and ask if I needed anything. It was very sweet. Almost made being sick worthwhile. Almost.

I actually was out of commission for more than one day, but I am not a patient patient. There was business stuff that needed to be done once the tylenol kicked in. But one thing I did not have to stress over was how we could continue schooling when mom was sick. We’d just taken two weeks off for the holidays, so taking another week off would not have been a good thing. I guess that depends on who you ask though. The kids just went about their daily work, nary missing a beat in the rhythm of family life. Even with mom sick in bed.

If you have children who are in grade three or older, it is not only possible but also preferable for children to work as independently as they possibly can. Not every subject needs to be done on the child’s own, and self-learning certainly is a process. There is a transition time necessary for the child to go from parent-directed learning to student-directed learning. This length of time will depend on the child’s makeup and maturity level.

Eight out of eight children surveyed recommend self-leaning for their peers who have to learn stuff. 🙂

There are many, many benefits to a child being raised to learn without being spoon-fed every tidbit of information,  benefits to the child as well as to the parents but mostly to the child who in turn grows into a motivated, inquisitive young adult. To read more about self-learning and the tools necessary for a smoothly running self-teaching home school, pop over to URtheMOM.com.

I think I will settle back down here on the couch for a bit. Not sure where everybody is right now, but I know what they are doing. I love home schooling! It is simply a *part* of our lives. It is not who we are. It is just a part of what we do in a day.

That reminds me. I haven’t been out of the house since Sunday and it is Thursday. I love being at home and having my family around me, and I am thankful for good health once again.

I hope you manage to avoid the flu this year, and I also hope that you enjoy today with your family to the fullest!



3 Responses to ~ Self-Teaching Saves the Day(s)! ~

  1. hi-d says:

    So sorry you have been “down” Joanne. Get well wishes are being sent. Take care.
    I have to agree with your post 100%! I am at the end of the transition stage (I think) and am loving it more and more every day. Thank you for your wisdom on this girl!

  2. Amy says:

    Sorry you have been sick. I agree with your post I have a question though. What do you do with the student who struggles, who just can not seem to understand on their own? I have two children who are self learners and one who needs me by his side. I would like to teach him to think things through on his own but he truely gets lost and frustrated and will miss every question. Any pointers?

  3. amyleebell says:

    Great post! I agree that we should teach our children to be independent as quickly as possible. It’s still wonderful to be able to interact with them and be a part of the learning process, but it shouldn’t be absolutely necessary to hover over them as they learn. I am in the process of teaching my first-grader to read math and language instructions for himself, and then proceed to work on those subjects on his own. Of course, he is always at liberty to asks questions. When I have an extremely busy day, I also allow him to read easy readers for history and science. He has a pretty short attention span though, and I often have to remain in the same room with him to keep him on task. If I need to cook, I will have him sit at the kitchen counter. If I am cleaning, he usually sits in the living or dining room, and I check on him a lot. Right now, he is sitting at the table doing his language while I am typing. I believe that we are raising our children to be adults, so I want to instill responsible and self-sufficient attitudes and skills as early as possible.

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