~ Upcoming Teleconferences ~

Announcing two new teleconferences from URtheMOM.com coming up in March!

Each call will be on a Monday night, and each will begin at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central. Each call will be about an hour, depending on how many live questions there are to answer.

The dates to scribble on your calendar:
March 14th & March 28th.

March 14th Topic: Self-Teaching 101

I love to share the secrets of homeschooling freedom! How can you avoid burnout yet give your children the best education possible? Be on this call to learn the basics of the Self-Teaching and Mastery methods of education & how you can raise lifelong self-learners who work with excellence.

Feel free to e-mail me beforehand with any specific questions you may have that you would like to have answered and that are relevant to this call.

I’ll also open up the call and take your questions.

March 28th topic: All About College Prep & Testing

This will be an exciting call! Be on this call if you want to hear tips for preparing your student for the SAT/ACT. When should these tests be taken? How can your student prepare for the college entrance process? What steps should you take in determining the best college for your student? Looking forward to dumping a ton of info on you in this call!

Again, feel free to e-mail me before the call with any particular questions you have. We will go to a live Q&A session at the end of this call as well.

**Feel free to invite your friends to listen in to these calls. There is a limit of 250 people on the calls. Dial in at least 5 minutes EARLY to get your spot.**


Dial 1-(507) 726-4217 and enter the Pass Code 149647 followed by # key.

If conference is not in session, system will put you on hold until the moderator arrives.

During the Conference

Conference Commands:

Press *3 – Exit Conference

Press *4 – Help Menu

Press *6 – Mute Individual Line


If you have any questions on these teleconferences, please e-mail me at joanne@joannecalderwood.com. Hope you can join us!


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