~ Slight Change to Teleconference on Monday ~

I goofed. I’m sorry. I had two different topics listed on two different places for our upcoming teleconference Monday night at 7 PM Central Time. Here is the correct information, and I promise not to change it on you.

March 28th topic:

12 Strategies for College Board Exam Prep NOW!

While attaining high scores on College Board exams is not the goal of my self-teaching and mastery methodology of education, it is certainly an outgrowth of this type of learning. Why? How did I raise  perfect and nearly-perfect SAT scorers? Is there a method to it, or is it simply luck?

This will be an exciting call! Be on this call if you want tips for preparing  students of ANY AGE for the SAT/ACT. That’s right, there are things you can do TODAY with your young child, your elementary- or middle school-aged child, not to mention your high schooler, that will put him on the road to high test scores! When should these tests be taken? How can your student best prepare for the college entrance process? What steps should you take in determining the best college for your student?

I’ll answer all of the above questions for you, revealing all of my secrets and holding nothing back! I’ll also take YOUR live questions at the end of the call.

**Feel free to invite your friends to listen in. There is a limit of 250 people, so you may want to dial in at least 5 minutes EARLY to reserve your spot.**

For teleconference details and a link to get your downloadable worksheet for the call, go to http://tinyurl.com/March28thTeleconference.


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