Upcoming Teleconference on College Prep: Wed, Oct 3rd!

Hey, Y’all! Newsflash for you!

My son Taylor earns over $16,000 per year attending a private university. Yes! I’m completely serious! He just had over $8000 direct-deposited into his personal checking account because he has so dang much scholarship money over and above the cost of his tuition! How does he DO that? Lauren did the same thing! Nick and Franklin both received and are receiving AMAZING academic scholarships respectively!

I’ll be interviewing these guys this Wednesday night at 7pm Central time via a FREE teleconference. To get access to this event, email info@URtheMom.com. The line only holds 96 callers, so you’ll want to get in early.

If you have questions you want me to ask them, let me know. Heck, you can ask them anything you’d like to ask them LIVE on the call. Go ahead: pick their brains!

Get The Underwhelmed Mom’s Guide to College Prep via this call.

You have to email Info@URtheMOM.com to get access to this fabulous opportunity to save thousands on the cost of college for your students!
Hope to “hear” you there!

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