Self-Propelled: Even “failure” Can Be Success

The Self-Propelled Advantage is all about giving your kiddos (and yourself) a new MINDSET. It is a Yes-I-Can attitude which should permeate everything about their lives.

Entrepreneurs also possess a Yes-I-Can attitude which propels them in the direction of their dreams.

Then there are the Wantrepreneurs who lack the vital focus and the Yes-I-Can mindset which has the power to keep them going, propelling them further along the pathway by the passion of the dream and perhaps just a bit of stubbornness. If they had been given it.

Albert Einstein said this of himself: “It’s not that I’m smart, I just stay with problems longer.”

Why did Einstein stay with problems longer? Most likely because he was passionate about his subject matter.

Self-propelled kids have the time and the inclination to pursue their passions! There is no need to motivate them to move forward, although sometimes they can become consumed with their passion(s) and need to be reminded that there are other things that need attention sometimes….like stopping to eat lunch.

I want to share something I read on my smartphone last night while tucked in bed but unable to sleep. (Incidentally, the NY Times always puts me to sleep.) It is an excellent piece of writing, so I hope you will go to the entire article via the link at the end. But what I want to share with you concerns the failure of an artist and the resulting success which resulted in a radical change to our society itself!

Here is an excerpt for you:

Around 1831, Samuel Morse was frustrated. He had given his life to be a painter—even traveled to Paris in pursuit of that dream. As historian David McCullough recounts in his book The Greater Journey, painting had been Morse’s dream since college and he had set his heart on that and that alone. But later in life, and after a series of setbacks, he finally abandoned it. The crushing moment was his losing the appointment to paint a historic mural at the Capitol in Washington. With that lost, he gave up painting entirely and turned to an invention he’d been toying with called an “electromagnetic telegraph.”

The impact of the telegraph and eventually a language called Morse code, literally changed the world.

Read more:
How cool is that? Even failure in the life of Samuel Morse because raving success.
I hope you will be encouraged to live the self-propelled lifestyle of education and discovery, and set your children free to do the same.
You or they may just change the world, be it via success or failure!

About the Author

Joanne Calderwood has been called America’s Homeschool Mom. She is an underwhelmed Mom of eight great kids, owner of, and an author and columnist. Her new book, The Self-Propelled Advantage: The Parent’s Guide to Raising Independent, Motivated Kids Who Learn with Excellence, enables parents to teach their kids to teach themselves with excellence.


2 Responses to Self-Propelled: Even “failure” Can Be Success

  1. Stacey says:

    Great article!! LOVE your insight!

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