The Self-Propelled Advantage Is for All Parents!

For Home Educators and Non-Home Educators Alike

Students who are self-motivated and purpose-driven are like the cream in a bucket of farm-fresh milk: they rise to the top. They can go wherever they choose to go in life. Self-motivated children thrive in the public, private, and home-education realms.

Most often they are raised by loving, involved parents, although some children must fight against the grain to achieve their success because they lack parental support.

Loving, involved parents educate their children in public schools, in private schools, and in the home.

Each model of education contains parents who care deeply about their children and their children’s educational processes; theirs are the children who will thrive anywhere.

Making sure your child is in the best learning environment possible is one of your primary jobs as a parent. While I will be discuss the merits of education at home most often, I do not believe that home education is the answer for every family. I do believe that in most cases, where there is the will to home educate, there is a way to home educate. But there simply is no one-size-fits-all way to educate children.

While not all parents want to home educate, parents (worth their salt) do want the very best for their children. If you don’t think you want to go the home-education route, please hang in there with me. Parents can raise self-propelled children regardless of where the learning happens—be it in a classroom or in the home.

In my book, The Self-Propelled Advantage, I present concrete ways for parents of private- and public-schooled children to work toward developing self-propelled learners.

I leave you to make your own decision about what is best for your child.

At the end of most chapters of the book, I’ve written a Parent’s Corner containing things children can do in order to gain the self-propelled advantage while in a classroom environment. If your child is in such an environment, you can enhance and build on the education he is currently receiving by modifying your mindset, enabling your child to modify his, and plugging in the handful of strategies I give you.

The model of education that you choose for your child will hopefully be selected after much thought, soul-searching, and careful research. It is my hope that you will find valuable information to help you in making the all-important decision of which educational model to choose according to what best meets the needs of your family.

May you have courage to make a change in your child’s current educational environment should you deem it necessary.

I am excited to share with parents the three-pronged secret that can propel a student down the road of self-discovery and ultimately into a world that will be blessed by his gifts and abilities. I hope you’ll happily discover that you can raise lifelong learners who love to learn independently and who do so with passion and excellence as you begin to follow the simple steps to implement the strategies that I lay out in my book.

May your child become joyfully self-propelled: motivated, confident, and successful in whatever he or she pursues in life.

About the Author
Joanne Calderwood has been called America’s Homeschool Mom. She is an underwhelmed Mom of eight great kids, owner of, and an author and columnist. Her new book, The Self-Propelled Advantage: The Parent’s Guide to Raising Independent, Motivated Kids Who Learn with Excellence, enables parents to teach their kids to teach themselves with excellence.

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