7 Bad Things Good Moms Do

houseclean1Here is my short list of bad things good Moms tend to do. Check it twice and see if you see yourself in any of these blanket statements.

1. Moms don’t take time for themselves: no hobbies or interests besides family = bad.

2. Moms put themselves last. They feel guilty if they think of themselves at all, actually = bad.

3. Moms worry about everyone else and never think about their own health and sanity = bad.

4. Moms wear themselves down by doing good things for their kids that their kids should be doing for themselves = bad.

5. Moms think they are bad Moms if they go out with their husbands on a date regularly = bad. (Note: two bads don’t make a good.)

6. Moms don’t delegate = bad.

7. Moms think they are good Moms because they are so devoted to their children that they never take a break and get really, really burned out as a result = bad.

Bonus Bad Thing: Moms don’t exercise. Ever. = bad.

Now, of course I mean BAD in a whimsical way. You know, like I’m bad if I eat the entire bag of Hershey’s kisses myself.

That doesn’t make me bad; it makes me…well…one who makes bad choices. I make bad choices sometimes, but I’m getting better at valuing my health and my energy level the older I get.

But I let myself do all 8 of the above-listed bad things for too many seasons of my life! The results were not good; not good, I tell you.

Sometimes we as Moms need to be reminded to be GOOD TO OURSELVES, and by being good to ourselves, we are doing the best thing for our families as well.

Now, don’t go overboard.(Yeah, like THAT’S gonna happen…!)

But enjoy life with the ones around you, understanding that you are an important member of your family. Take time for yourself today.

Feel free to come back and share what you did for YOU. I’d love to hear about it. 🙂


About the Author

Joanne Calderwood has been called America’s Homeschool Mom. She is an underwhelmed Mom of eight great kids, owner of URtheMOM.com, and an author and columnist. Her new book, The Self-Propelled Advantage: The Parent’s Guide to Raising Independent, Motivated Kids Who Learn with Excellence, enables parents to teach their kids to teach themselves with excellence.


4 Responses to 7 Bad Things Good Moms Do

  1. I finally joined Curves to 1) get out of the house every day and 2) get some much needed exercise. It was a HUGE blessing!

  2. Kacie says:

    I am so pumped about this article. I totally relate to #4 and the Bonus bad thing…but I am making changes as we speak. In our homeschool recently, I have started making my child think for himself and I started holding him accountable to the three chores he has to do: unload the dishes, toy round up (pick up the toys around the house), and pick up the dirty clothes lying around his room. I got tired of doing it all the time for him.

    I also started going to a Zumba class two times per week for 45 minutes per class. The coolest part is that the child care at the gym is free! I feel so good about myself after a good sweat!

    • urthemom says:

      Bahahaha! Yes! Sweating is such a daily milestone for me, too. lol I’m so happy you took the time to post a teensy bit about your experiences. 🙂 Way to go!

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